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Although the internet has made it easier than ever to find clients, converting them into customers might be harder than ever. However, Toronto trade show clients seem to have much better results. Not only do you meet them in person and have a real bond, you know that they are motivated customers willing to try your product.  For that reason, custom trade show displays and booths are crucial your business and growing your customer base.

Walking into a trade show, customers are greeted with hundreds of booths and people eager for their attention. All of your competitors are there as well as other distractions that might lead your customers astray. The best way to attract attention is by having an eye-catching custom booth or display.

For example, imagine a craft brewery trying to make its name and find new distributors in the ultra-competitive alcoholic beverage market. They can try calling the distributors on the phone or emailing them, spending months of fruitless outreach. On the other hand, they could build an amazing booth at the next Toronto trade show and entice distributors to sample the product in person. After that initial connection, it will be much easier to sign up distributors and boost sales immediately.

ExpoSystems is the leading producer of custom booths, displays, stands and other items for trade shows in Canada. The company has helped firms to highlight their offerings and take advantage of the millions of potential customers that participate in trade shows each year.  For more information, please contact us.