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Marketers in the know appreciate the appeal of trade show island exhibits. Not only do they actively advertise and brand to consumers on all four sides, but the larger display space also offers multiple engagement opportunities that provide visual, sensory and auditory marketing opportunities. 

Size Matters at Expos

While other companies must do with the typical small booth setup, your footprint starts at 20 feet by 20 feet. It does not end there, however. Islands measuring 30 feet by 40 feet and even larger are possible. They usually incorporate a variety of lights, podiums, and displays. 

Anatomy of Successful Island Exhibits

What sets apart the strong display from one that may take up a lot of space but not generate much of a buzz within the trade show environment is the expert allocation of ad copy and interactivity opportunities.

  • Audio/visual equipment. Monitors and speakers are a necessity. In fact, if you operate a demonstration counter, we highly recommend the integration of a screen wall.
  • Internet connectivity. Do not rely on the venue’s internet. Instead, ensure that your customers can directly interact with landing pages you have set up specifically for the event.
  • Furniture. Customized furnishings are a necessity. They include seating options, tables and demonstration surfaces. An optional furnishing that we highly recommend is the iPad kiosk that allows visitors to your booth to interact with your website right from the trade show.
  • Lighting. It is a common misconception that one light source type is sufficient. In fact, you need pendant lights, LEDs for display lighting and ambiance illumination near seating areas.
  • Signage. Do not rely on size alone. The use of an overhead fabric exhibit that complements the size of your island setup draws more attention to your booth. Complete your display with customized tension fabric and retractable banner stands. 

If this sounds like there are a lot of options to consider, you are correct. Contact us today to learn more about the various island exhibit design services we offer.